Genesee Charter Boat Association, est. 1984

Lake Ontario’s premier charter boat captains association including information on salmon and trout stocking / pen rearing, fishery issues, club information, events and more can all be found within our website. Browse through our site or attend a club meeting and you will see that we do more than just catch fish….we help make Lake Ontario a “World Class Fishery!”

Pen Rearing Project

Pen rearing was first implemented on Lake Ontario in 1999. In 2000 the Genesee Charter Boat Association, in conjunction with the New York State DEC, began a second pen rearing site located right in our back yard…. the Genesee River. Each year we raise 85,000 Chinook (king) salmon and 10,000 steelhead trout.

Trout & Salmon Fishing

Trout and salmon, by nature return to their “native” streams to reproduce. Other than Atlantic Salmon and Lake Trout all of the other species of trout and salmon, in Lake Ontario, are stocked by hatcheries. Pen rearing projects allow hatchery produced fish to “smolt” in other locations and get the “scent” of the tributaries that they are pen raised in. In turn these fish will return in a few years as adults to these locations to spawn.

Meet Our Captains

Genesee Charter Boat Association U.S.C.G. licensed charter boat captains.


Monthly meetings the first Tuesday of every month at the Irondeqouit Bay Fish and Game Club at 7:00 pm


Currently enrolling new members. Associate and charter captain membership also available.

GCBA Mission Statement

The Genesee Charter Boat Association, Inc. was formed in 1984 as a non-for profit corporation. Our mission is to advance the charter boat industry and fishing on Lake Ontario and connecting waterways in the following ways. First, acting as a mechanism for education of the angling public and for information exchange among charter boat operators. Second, by setting standards of conduct to insure the integrity and quality of the charter boat industry. Finally, interacting with governmental regulatory and management agencies whose policies and programs impact the Lake Ontario fishery.

Genesee Charter Association Involvements

Pen Rearing Project
Lake Ontario’s premiere stocking program and volunteer effort since 1999.
Red Cross Casting for Caring
Since 1995, the fishing tournament has netted more than $280,000 for Red Cross life saving and water safety programs. Annually the local Red Cross certifies more than 62,000 community members in life saving programs such as CPR, first aid, and water safety.
National Association Of Charter Boat Operators
N.A.C.O. is a national association of charter boat owners and operators formed in 1991, representing thousands of individuals across the United States. Our membership includes marine charters who provide fishing, sailing, diving, eco-tours, and other excursion vessels who carry passengers for hire. We are the premiere Association that represents charter boat interests. Our objective is to improve the professional charter boat operator’s bottom line and to provide a strong voice in Washington, DC.
Lake Ontario Sport Fishing Stakeholders Coalition (LOSSC)
The LOSSC’s mission is to present the year round Lake Ontario sport fishing community in a united effort to promote, protect and enhance our world-class fishery. Group members include stakeholders involved with the Lake Ontario fishery including but not exclusively made up of recreational and professional fishing groups, county and/or state tourism promotional groups and involved businesses, community groups and/or any groups who’s members utilize or depend on the Lake Ontario resource for recreation or income.
Monroe County Fish Advisory Board
The purpose of the Monroe County Fishery Advisory Board is to study the problems associated with maintaining and improving the Monroe County fishery, including: Lakes, bays, rivers, ponds, streams, and canals, to determine needs for improved access, support facilities and services and to advise the County Legislature, the County Administration, and local governments as to actions that could be taken to realize the full potential of the County’s fishing resources. More specifically, the Board

Assist and advise County and local governments on how to plan for increased access to shoreline and the need for related facilities and services such as boat launches and public fishing access

Provide information on fishing in Monroe County to the general public, including working with tourism agencies to provide information and promote the fishery

Work with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Fish and Wildlife Management Act (FWMA) Board, as well as other agencies, including, but not limited to: the New York State Legislature, Congressional representatives, United States Geological Survey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and New York Sea Grant, on issues affecting Monroe County’s fishery.

Provide a public forum for sportsmen, businessmen and government officials to address the problems and potential of the County’s fishery resource

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