Associate Members

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Photo of Kevin Eletto
Kevin Eletto “UNREEL”
Photo of Roby Glazier
Roby Glazier “Grey Dog”
Photo of Edmond Sander
Edmond Sander “Lure Washer”
Photo of John Schroth
John Schroth “Master Baiter”
Photo of George Sereno
George Sereno “Donna Jean”
Photo of Dan Lenhard
Dan Lenhard “Steely Dan”
Photo of Tom Crombach
Tom Crombach “Xtreme”
Photo of Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson “Rod Hog”
Photo of Greg Arnold
Greg Arnold “Agent Orange”
Photo of Richard Hijecki
Richard Hijecki “Yankee Troller”
Photo of Mike Nowak
Home Phone: 585-739-6478
Photo of Walter Muerb Sr.
Walter Muerb Sr. “Seaveyor”